2015 Future for Nature Award Nominee

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LVDI International congratulates Ms. Trang Le Thi (Vietnam Education Program Coordinator) for her achievement as one of ten finalists for the 2015 Future for Nature Award! Ms. Le Thi has made it her life goal to protect the red-shanked doucs on Son Tra Peninsula. One of her objectives is to educate fellow citizens in Danang City about this monkey in order to garner their support against unsustainable development and hunting. Dr. Chia Tan, who served as a referee, said, “What makes Trang so special is her genuine love and compassion for wildlife, for nature and for people. We all know that conservation is a challenging task; it is especially challenging in Asia. Trang has a great deal of strength and courage in doing what she does. I believe she has made a significant difference in the lives of many. She is a winner already!”

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