Red-shanked douc Pygathrix nemaeus (photo © LVDI International)

Let’s Save the Douc

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The red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) is considered by many to be the most beautiful monkey in the world. One of its largest populations is found in central Vietnam at a place called Son Tra (aka Monkey Mountain). The doucs of Son Tra, numbering fewer than 1,000, are losing ground because developers are destroying forest habitat and converting it into luxury resorts and mansions. Working […]

Children of Anevoka are excited about their new library (photo © J. Bankson/LVDI International)

We Are Building a Children’s Library in Madagascar

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The village of Anevoka has plenty of kids but no kids’ library. Through our volunteers we have donated enough books to the local primary school to establish a small library. But space has been a major issue at the school and there is already a shortage of classrooms. To create a library, we needed a new […]