A Douc Storybook for the Children of Son Tra and Beyond

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Stories are narratives weaved with memorable facts. Beyond written words, stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations can encourage imagination, foster empathy, plant seeds of hope and even create change. At LVDI International, we believe stories are one of the most effective ways to profoundly shape children’s perspectives about the natural world. That is why we are working with our partner, GreenViet, in co-producing a storybook to inspire children in saving the red-shanked douc of Son Tra (see post Improving Son Tra Biodiversity Curriculum – A Blueprint for the Future). The story was created by Ms. Thanh Huong Dinh, a native of Danang, Vietnam, who recently received a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Oulu, Finland. This was her first attempt in writing a children’s book. Ms. Dinh understands that this type of book is not available in Vietnam but is extremely useful because it can create a positive impact on the local children for long-term douc conservation. Told from the perspective of a family of doucs living in the Son Tra Nature Reserve, the tale conveys cultural values and current economic reality – development of Son Tra to build seaside resorts for tourists. The story teaches children about the biology of the doucs and the importance of forest habitat, and more importantly, how developing the forest forever disrupts the lives of the animals that call that natural habitat home. Owing to the enthusiastic support of Ms. Beth Molasky (Conservation Ambassador for the Arts), the douc storybook will be printed in Vietnamese and in English so children around the world also can learn about the doucs in Vietnam.

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