An “ABC” Coloring Book for Malagasy Children

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At LVDI International we know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach toward conservation education does not work. All of the thematic elements in the educational materials we develop are rooted in results we obtain from our surveys that establish children’s current knowledge about and empathy toward wildlife and nature. From our 2013 surveys we know that Malagasy children are more likely to get excited about learning when their lessons are combined with enjoyable activities such as drawing. We also know that children will be more empathetic toward protecting wildlife and nature when they can actually see the animals and visit the habitats where the animals live. Although Madagascar is best known for its lemurs, this island is home to many other unique animals. That is why our latest Little Green Guards® Animal Biology and Conservation (“ABC”) coloring book, Madagascar Is My Home Too, features an array of mammals, birds and reptiles and emphasizes the relationship between animals and habitats. It explores animals’ basic biological features and includes a lesson on extinction using the Madagascar hippopotamus as an example. The coloring book also contains language lessons as it is written in simple Malagasy and English. Because many of the children’s parents participate in our educational activities, they also gain the biological knowledge and language skills, which are extremely useful for working in the tourism industry to increase their earnings.

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