Van Tuan Bui (photo © GreenViet)

Investing in Conservation and Research Leadership in Vietnam

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LVDI International would like to congratulate Mr. Van Tuan Bui (Vietnam Conservation Program Coordinator) for winning a WWF Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program Professional Development Grant. Using the award Mr. Bui will have a unique opportunity to participate in a two-month training program in the U.S. aimed to increase his scientific knowledge and skills in […]

Benin’s Little Green Guards Find Joy in Learning

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The Gnanhouizounmè Sacred Forest, located inland from Porto-Novo, the capital of Benin, is one of the country’s last refuges for endangered primates and other wildlife, most of which are also threatened at a national scale. Public surveys conducted by the staff of Organisation pour le Développement Durable et la Biodiversité (ODDB), LVDI International’s partner in […]

Empowering Malagasy Women to Embrace Conservation and Entrepreneurship

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“Empowering People” propels LVDI International’s motto. For, if the people are not empowered, “Saving Wildlife”, the second half of our motto will not happen. Our goal is to help end extreme poverty in rural Madagascar by providing people the wherewithal to stimulate vibrant local entrepreneurship and innovation. Our methods are simple and cost-effective. First we […]

Super Energizing Camera Traps for Long-term Wildlife Studies

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Today, due to advances in digital technology, remotely operated cameras, also known as camera traps, offer a multitude of applications for wildlife research and monitoring. Beyond indicating species presence or absence, camera trap data can be quantified to assess population and community metrics. However, obtaining continuous data is difficult because the camera traps on the […]

A Douc Storybook for the Children of Son Tra and Beyond

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Stories are narratives weaved with memorable facts. Beyond written words, stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations can encourage imagination, foster empathy, plant seeds of hope and even create change. At LVDI International, we believe stories are one of the most effective ways to profoundly shape children’s perspectives about the natural world. That is why we are […]

Improving Son Tra Biodiversity Curriculum – A Blueprint for the Future

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One of the largest populations of the endangered red-shanked douc occurs on Son Tra Peninsula, only six miles from the center of Danang City in Vietnam.  The proximity of Son Tra to Danang provides a natural laboratory for introducing local schoolchildren to the wonders of their natural world. Since 2013 LVDI International has been working with GreenViet Biodiversity […]

Celebrating Christmas with the Red-Shanked Douc

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Schoolchildren of Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District in Da Nang, Vietnam will be having their second “Christmas in the Forest” celebration on December 27, 2015. Sponsored by LVDI International and organized by our partner, GreenViet, this year’s festivity is called “Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward All Creatures” – a theme that encompasses the […]

An “ABC” Coloring Book for Malagasy Children

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At LVDI International we know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach toward conservation education does not work. All of the thematic elements in the educational materials we develop are rooted in results we obtain from our surveys that establish children’s current knowledge about and empathy toward wildlife and nature. From our 2013 surveys we know that Malagasy […]

LVDI International hosts 2014 Sabin Prize Winner

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Dr. Khac Quyet Le, winner of the 2014 Sabin Prize for Excellence in Primate Conservation, is a leading conservation biologist in Vietnam best known for his work on the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. In 2002 Dr. Le discovered a new population of this monkey in Khau Ca, which was estimated to be about 100 […]

And the Survey Says…Son Tra Schoolchildren Pledge to Save the Red-shanked Douc

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Vietnam boasts an amazing diversity of fauna and flora that are protected in many national parks and nature reserves, for example in places like Cuc Phuong National Park, Van Long Nature Reserve and Cat Ba National Park, the latter being also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the central coast of Vietnam, the […]