LVDI International and GERP Forge Partnership to Save Madagascar’s Lemurs

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LVDI International and Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP) have established a formal accord to further expand our joint efforts in the realm of conservation, research and education in the Maromizaha Protected Area (MPA), located in eastern Madagascar. There, along with our partners from the Department of Life Sciences and […]

Van Tuan Bui (photo © GreenViet)

Investing in Conservation and Research Leadership in Vietnam

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LVDI International would like to congratulate Mr. Van Tuan Bui (Vietnam Conservation Program Coordinator) for winning a WWF Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program Professional Development Grant. Using the award Mr. Bui will have a unique opportunity to participate in a two-month training program in the U.S. aimed to increase his scientific knowledge and skills in […]

Super Energizing Camera Traps for Long-term Wildlife Studies

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Today, due to advances in digital technology, remotely operated cameras, also known as camera traps, offer a multitude of applications for wildlife research and monitoring. Beyond indicating species presence or absence, camera trap data can be quantified to assess population and community metrics. However, obtaining continuous data is difficult because the camera traps on the […]

First Evidence of Nocturnal Activity in the Guizhou snub-nosed Monkey

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Until recently it was thought that the night monkey is the only monkey in the world that moves about at night. Dr. Chia Tan and her Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve collaborators, Mr. Yeqin Yang and Mr. Kefeng Niu published a paper in Primates that proves otherwise. Their revolutionary findings are based on their latest research […]

Helping Chinese Nature Reserves Foster Children’s Appreciation for Wildlife

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Years ago, on one of his many trips to China Dr. Andy Phillips (President, formerly of White Elephant Conservation Science and Education Solutions) met Mr. Wang in a small village bordering Changqing National Nature Reserve located in Shaanxi Province. The reserve is most famous for its giant pandas in addition to other wildlife such as golden […]