LVDI International hosts 2014 Sabin Prize Winner

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Dr. Khac Quyet Le, winner of the 2014 Sabin Prize for Excellence in Primate Conservation, is a leading conservation biologist in Vietnam best known for his work on the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey. In 2002 Dr. Le discovered a new population of this monkey in Khau Ca, which was estimated to be about 100 individuals and the largest known to date. As a result of his discovery and subsequent conservation efforts, Khau Ca has been designated a protected area. Drs. Chia Tan and Andy Phillips (President) have been working with Dr. Le since 2008 serving as his mentors and providing technical advice for the management board of the Khau Ca Protected Area. The purpose of Dr. Le’s visit is to develop new collaborative research and education initiatives to achieve long-term conservation goals in Vietnam.

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