Children of Anevoka are excited about their new library (photo © J. Bankson/LVDI International)

We Are Building a Children’s Library in Madagascar

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The village of Anevoka has plenty of kids but no kids’ library. Through our volunteers we have donated enough books to the local primary school to establish a small library. But space has been a major issue at the school and there is already a shortage of classrooms. To create a library, we needed a new building.

Little Green Guards® - Madagascar (photo © LVDI International)
At Anevoka Primary School we are changing lives, one child at a time (photo © LVDI International)


This year we are happy to announce that Anevoka Primary School will have a brand new building that houses a children’s library, the very first in the region! In addition, the construction will include two dormitories to accommodate the teachers.

Sketch of Anevoka Library-Teacher Housing (photo © GERP/LVDI International)
Sketch of the new building at Anevoka Primary School (photo © GERP/LVDI International)


At LVDI International we believe a book can change a child’s life and a library can transform an entire community. We thank our generous donors and dedicated partners, namely GERP, Green Teen Team, DBIOS-University of Turin and Parco Natura Viva for joining us in this effort and for making the library a reality!

Rose Marie Randrianarison (Madagascar Program Coordinator) standing at the library building site (photo © LVDI International)
Rose Marie Randrianarison (Madagascar Program Coordinator) standing at the future building site (photo © LVDI International)

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