LVDI International and GERP Forge Partnership to Save Madagascar’s Lemurs

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LVDI International and Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP) have established a formal accord to further expand our joint efforts in the realm of conservation, research and education in the Maromizaha Protected Area (MPA), located in eastern Madagascar. There, along with our partners from the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (DBIOS) at the University of Turin, Italy, our collective mission is directed to protecting 13 highly endangered lemurs and their rainforest habitat. Our team of conservation scientists and educators are integrating our knowledge and skills to better understand the biology of the resident lemur species, provide advanced training opportunities to students and technicians, funding micro-grants for community-based entrepreneurial ventures, and foster care and stewardship in local children toward nature and wildlife. GERP was founded in 1994 as an association and currently has over 100 members. The main goal of GERP is to share knowledge and skills in order to preserve biodiversity for future generations. GERP has been managing MPA since 2008.

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